AJ1 PINK KIDS - (5-8 YEAR- 20 CM)

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Crafted as one-size-fits-all for kids aged 5 to 8 (20 Cm), these slippers adapt to every foot with ease, featuring soft internal padding and adjustable laces.
Flip Fluffy winter slippers for kids offer the perfect blend of sneaker comfort and style, keeping their little feet warm all winter long.
Our Flip Fluffy winter slippers, resembling popular sneakers, are all about comfort, easy maintenance, and style, even for indoor wear.
These Flip Fluffy winter slippers offer the same level of comfort you'd expect from a pair of sneakers, ensuring your feet stay cozy during colder seasons.
Made with high-quality materials, they provide warmth and a snug fit, just like your favorite gym shoes.
Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they're also a breeze to clean. You can easily maintain their pristine condition without any hassle.


Our slippers boast a cotton interior for a delightful softness, a plush and cushioned midsole that allows for comfortable wear without feeling cumbersome, and an outer sole equipped with a specialized non-slip coating for maximum safety.

These attributes collectively make our product a testament to high-quality design, outstanding durability, and, most importantly, effortless cleaning.



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Give your child the gift of cozy comfort! Grab a pair now for snug and warm feet during chilly seasons.

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Our FlipFluffy slippers are available in only one size and will fit perfectly for UK sizes 4 - 10.5 or EU sizes 35-44, with a length range of approximately 22 to 27 cm.

They are padded with foam and plush, allowing the slipper to snugly embrace and adapt to the size of your foot, and the use of laces provides extra comfort.

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